How to play pachinko | [Official] King Kanko Thousand Nagoya Station Yanagibashi store


How to play pachinko

I'll show you how to play pachinko.

There are two types of machines in pachinko parlors: pachinko and slot machines. Here we will explain how to play pachinko machines by renting balls.


Game explanation

First, choose a course. There is a 1 yen pachinko corner where you can rent 1 yen per ball and a 4 yen pachinko corner where you can rent 4 yen per ball.

Next, choose the model you want to play. There are over 100 types of gaming machines in the store. “Umi Monogatari” is recommended for beginners.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a game machine is that you cannot sit on a seat where there is luggage, cigarette packs, or game balls. Let's sit on an empty seat.

This is a cash game. Put the cash in the sandbox on the left. Compatible with 1000 yen bills, 2000 yen bills, 5000 yen bills, and 10000 yen bills.

When you put it in the sandwich, the remaining amount will be displayed, and when you press the ball lending button, 500 yen worth of balls will come out.

Next, turn the handle at the bottom right of the gaming machine to the right to launch the ball.

① Aim for the zone called “Bukkomi” and ② When the ball enters the pocket of the start chucker, the lottery for the jackpot will begin.

If you match three symbols, you win the jackpot. The attacker will open, so put the ball in.

The attacker is placed at the bottom center or bottom right side.

The balls will come out from the bottom tray, so transfer them to the counting machine.

The counting machine will display the number of balls you have acquired.

If you want to end the game, press the "return button" and take out the card.

A card will come out from the bottom of the sand on the left side.

Take your card and exchange it for a prize at the counter.

Don't forget to pay off any remaining balance on your card using the payment machine.

Please exchange the balls you have won and the remaining balance on your card for prizes or settle them on the same day. If you have any questions, please feel free to call a store employee. The staff will come to you by pressing the "call button" on the top of the game machine.
It looks complicated at first, but it's easy once you try it. Please feel free to enjoy pachinko.


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